What is a Moment?

A Unique Interactive Experience

These “Moments”, protected by bollards, provide interaction within dT-alley.

Listen/Play to the community piano, use the take/leave alley library, use the puppet theatre or confess you sins in the confessional.
These are just a few “Moments” to be experienced here.

During the off hours these can all be safely secured until the next day.

Play Me

Take some time and tickle the ivory as onlookers and friends listen to you play the piano. Or take a spectators role and experience the sounds of the community piano.

  • Permanently installed to the ground
  • All-weather durable piano with lockable cover
  • Ability to cover and lock the piano keys

Never Overdue

This take or leave community library can be participated by both locals and tourists of all ages.

  • A self-contained construction
  • Ability to be closed and locked
  • Seating area can also be closed and secured away

Pass The Popcorn

A puppet theatre creates fun and entertainment for all ages. This can also be supported by local entertainers and The Las Vegas Academy.

  • Located near the Eden Parking lot
  • Self contained puppet theatre
  • Has power at bump-out for added A/V support

What’d you say?

Everybody needs has something to confess…so why not do it here! Your own street confessional booth.

  • Self contained and lockable
  • Standing or kneeling room only

Say Cheese

This social media haven is sure to have it’s “tweetable” moments when you join the fun for your photo op!

  • Located close to LVB
  • Can be artist driven, sculptural or optical illusion
  • Able to be cleaned daily and withstand weather

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