Who We Are

We are dT-Alley Community Coalition, Inc., a Nevada Non Profit Corporation (“The DCC”) dedicated to the beautification of the Downtown Las Vegas Alley located between Fremont/Carson and LVB/6th Street.

This community space incorporates art and interactivity for locals and visitors through the use of Murals, Sculptures, innovative landscaping, and multiple interactive “moments”. All of which provide a beautiful space in an otherwise under-utilized area.

The Alley benefits the Community by providing:

  • Enhanced Downtown connectivity and walkability
  • Added pedestrian space
  • Addresses shortage of public/park space in Downtown Las Vegas
  • Add to the aesthetic and whimsy of the neighborhood
  • Increased perceived comfort and safety

The process began when one of our Founders had an experience in the Alley …not that kind of experience… he was watching dumpster divers throw trash everywhere and laugh and as they did it…he then thought of a way to remove the over 40 five yard dumpsters that were sprawled throughout in the Alley. Eight years later…after working out numerous issues with the City of Las Vegas, the Tenants and Property Owners…dT-Alley was born.

It works like this:

  • We have partnered with Fremont Street Experience whereby they will pick up the trash in a new trash enclosure on land dedicated by Downtown Project.
  • All the Tenants and Property Owners share this space and we are now able to offer full recycling, cardboard pick up and improved trash removal without the dumpster divers and the additional cost of cleaning up after their mess.
  • This is not only greener for the environment but it is actually greener for the Tenants/Owners as it saves them money. Tough to believe but true.

The DCC board will consist of the four property owners as well as a Tenant representative and other community members dedicated to the beautification of dT-Alley.
We hope you come out and experience it.

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